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North American Telecommunications Group (NATG) was founded in 1980 by Martin & Toni Harman. Prior to 1980, all communications services in the province were provided by the Telephone Company, BC Tel. BC Tel held a tight Monopoly on the communications industry with little competition in a tightly regulated environment. With deregulation and customers seeking choices, NATG was founded and grew rapidly. With a focus on customer service and treating customers right, NATG differentiated themselves in the market and created a loyal following.

In the initial years NATG installed and serviced electro mechanical telephone systems with physical push button circuits and light bulbs. NATG, seeing a change in technology, became a representative for Tie telephone systems. Tie was one of the first modern electronic phone systems which started the electronic telephone technology revolution.

Over the years there have been many changes in technology from telephone cables that were as thick as your thumb to modern thin twisted-pair cables, fibre optic cables, and wireless technology. As the technology continues to change so does NATG. It’s a business that requires constant training & certification to stay on the leading edge.

NATG has always strived to align with quality, proven, reliable, manufacturers. While there many “Here today, gone tomorrow technologies”, it’s never fun to have invested in an unreliable manufacturer. A quality manufacturer may mean a little more of an investment, however, at NATG we feel that long term the quality will pay off.

NATG is aligned with Telus, NEC, Avaya, Ruckus, Powerware, Wirewerks, Plantronics, and Polycom to name a few vendors.

Our goal is a smooth installation and the ideal that we are one of the best trades on the project. This is not always easy in a world of constant change, new software, new products, third parties, and all. We follow up with our customers and always do what we can to ensure we did our part.

Today NATG has a long list of satisfied customers: ranging from small 3-4 phone sites to multi – branch – multinational businesses, call centres, and more.

NATG likes to give back to the community when possible and has made some substantial donations and worked with some terrific non-profit organizations over the years. This includes donations to Canuck Place, Union Gospel Mission, Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Holmburg House, Maple Ridge Community Services, and many more.

By treating our customer’s right we have always managed to grow and expand. 


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