Fibre, Fiber, Fibre

Date: January 22, 2018
Author: Kevin Harman

The team at NATG is used to installing fibre cables. Multi-mode or single mode no problems: multi mode is most commonly deployed for connections less than 2000 ft and single mode for longer connections. When we are linking two server closets together on a customers site that's primarily the application for multi mode fiber cable; whether a standard tight buffer or loose tube cable the choice is yours. We have done lots of telco single mode fibre demarc extensions running the fibre from the main demarc to the customers server location.


Our most common fibre cable installs carry both an indoor and outdoor fire rating: allowing more flexibility in deployment and electrical code acceptance. Otherwise, you might need end to end conduit or a junction / splice to meet electrical code requirements. We prefer to not junction or splice fibre cable as every connection increases signal loss: and fibre optic electronics require power, ups, and more: so the fewer wiring closets the better. 


In more challenging environment deployments we will run an armoured cable for added protection: no one wants a major cable issue: adding an armoured jacket provides a lot more cable protection compared to a standard cable jacket.


NATG works with lots of different fibre cables including older 62.5 micron fibre, and newer 50 micron typically in either OM3 or OM4 laser optimized 10G cable. We can also source other standard and more specialty cables to suit your application.


The most common connector is now LC as that's the native connector on most switching equipment. We can also install other connectors including; SC, ST, MTRJ, MPO, MU, and other SFF connectors.


In smaller installations we commonly install a less expensive simple small fibre wall box, on larger projects with several fibre cables we will install a fibre patch panel mounted in a 19 inch data rack. The rack mount units make larger fibre patching a lot more professional and neat. Either way we always install a service loop ring to allow for changes or a re-termination of the cable.


NATG has the fibre tools in house to supply, install, test, and validate your installation. We know the risks of borrowing fibre tools or relying on third party contractors. We always aim for quality and reliability.


The team at NATG can assist with a single fibre run to the total design of your network and recommend wiring closet locations.


We would be happy to review your next project and recommend how we can ensure you have a quality data network with optimal performance.

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