Lights Camera Action

Date: January 8, 2018
Author: Kevin Harman

Cameras are becoming more and more popular. NATG knows what's required to install a good quality reliable IP Camera system. We have installed many different camera scenarios; some customers are looking to monitor production; where is the equipment in the process. Some customers are looking to ensure safety compliance; think of the potential cost of an employee not following safety protocols and having an accident happen; wouldn't it be great to have record of improper safety procedure? Some organizations are looking to prevent theft or employee theft: most statistics show the greatest theft is usually employee theft. NATG can help design a total ip solution with cameras, remote access, network switches, and complete data cabling. NATG has had great success with the reliability and simplicity of Hikvision IP Cameras. Hikvision Canada has been locally supported by a talented and dedicated resource team; NATG would be happy to introduce you to the Hikvision Canada team. The Hikvision Canada team has worked with NATG on custom solutions and advanced camera applications from simple license plate camera's to multi-site installations and more. It was with the help of the Hikvision technical team that NATG was able to reuse some existing IP Camera and upgrade the camera recorder for a true seemless installation. The previous installation had two nvr's: one analog and one IP with no remote viewing app - the NATG was able to install one larger Hikvision NVR with remote viewing and smart phone apps - the best part was we were able to re-use most of the older analog coax cameras without replacing them by using a Hikvision decoder that converts older analog cameras to IP camera's - this saved the client a lot of money and allowed them to transition to IP cameras for the more important traffic areas. We did this all without any monthly subscription fees. Designing a quality system is what we like to do best; images where you can actually see the camera images: spending a reasonable amount of money on camera to protect against future problems of having not spent enough and being unable to see the images clearly.


Let NATG help with your next camera installation. 

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