National Rollout

Date: May 30, 2017
Author: Kevin Harman

Need something deployed in Vancouver B.C.? Or in Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, or well right across the country - we can help. We organize and maintain many multi-branch customers. Some are regional with a few offices located around the lower-mainland of Vancouver; some cover western Canada and some are coast to coast. NATG has a solid team of resources that can help deploy a variety of equipment across the country. We have deployed: switches, wifi, data wiring, phone systems, paging, cameras, and well you name it. Sometimes its brands we carry and sometimes we are acting as local “smart hands” deploying another vendor’s solution like Cisco. We are used to coordinating with various technical departments in different area codes and we realize it takes a collaborative team effort to get things done. Accordingly, to make it easier for everyone to understand and follow, we like to work with standards in order to maintain the highest levels of quality; we understand that if you are going to deploy 10 branches, 100 branches, or 10,000 they should all be as consistent as possible. While it’s not always possible to have every installation identical it does help when there is some common approach and an ideal goal: whether it’s something simple like yellow patch cords for wifi connections, or a particular rack layout. It can be subjective, but the more consistent the easier it is to manage multiple facilities and troubleshoot when something isn't working right. No one ever said when troubleshooting a mission critical network issue “I’m glad we saved a few bucks deploying this, but i can’t tell what anything is cause nothings labelled and every patch cord is the same colour.” We like to document our work, provide pictures, test results, and have everyone on the same page. The value of quality work pays off when things are well thought out, designed right, and done to a quality standard.


Let us know about your next national rollout project - whether it’s something simple like another data drop or something more complex we would be happy to help.

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