Need a new telephone system fast we can help

Date: June 14, 2017
Author: Kevin Harman

Need a new telephone system fast we can help.

NATG has a large quantity of equipment and parts in stock, we can install a new telephone system almost immediately. Whether the present system failed due to a power outage, lightening strike, old age, or some other disaster like a burst water pipe - we have the inventory, and ability to respond quickly.

We see lots of old; Nortel, Toshiba, NEC, or other telephone systems that lasted a long time and need replacing quickly. We get it - we understand that a new telephone system isn't always front of mind - thats why we work with and represent quality brand names that are known as leaders and innovators in there field. We like quality systems that hold up over time - as that's one of the best long term value positions. Our organization is always working towards quality and best practises to ensure you system lasts as long as possible.

Our new systems are very flexible meaning we can support many different configurations and make adjustments to optimize the new system. Have old telephone lines: we can optimize those, switch them to SIP or PRI, or simply reduce the monthly charges by contracting the phone lines.

Have old wiring and want to move to voip - no problem, we have POE data switches in stock, IP phones in stock, routers in stock, and can always deploy digital sets and switch to ip at a later date if needed. We believe in quick, reliable, prompt service - while just in time inventory is great and always something we work towards, lots of our competitors have little to no real inventory; rely on the manufacturer or the stocking house distributor. We don't like to work that way - we like to be able to respond quicker and know we can back up our customers the best we can - as we have all seen back orders, delays in shipping, customs delays, lost shipments, mis-shipments, and more. One of our key differences is our on hand inventory.

If you need a new system fast we can help, and we will treat you right.

Kevin Harman
North American Telecommunications Group


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