Reliable wifi

Date: June 5, 2017
Author: Kevin Harman

Isn't it interesting how some products just work and some need to be made to work. It might be a poor analogy but there is products much like nature - it doesn't take a lot of work to get a tree to grow - sure you might need to water it occasionally or some minor preventative maintenance the occasional fertilizer or pruning but it's nothing like the work required to make a garden grow - daily watering, weeding, troweling, pruning, fertilizers, and a lot more. If you are making your wifi work more like a Garden - perhaps it's time to consider upgrading to a business quality reliable wifi solution that requires a lot less maintenance. NATG has had tremendous success with Ruckus Wireless: good coverage, stable, strong signal, no interference issues, and well just reliable.


We have done many different Wireless deployments; schools, hotels, general business, outdoor exhibitions, and more. The best part is most of these customers forget about there previous wireless issues; constant router & network resets, dropped connections, poor signal, poor coverage, slow speed, limited number of users, and best of all constant complaints. The tech guys love the ruckus wireless due to its flexibility, customization, and advanced features. Sure you might not care who's on the network or what they are doing - but the techs guys want to make sure it's secure, manageable, reportable, and segregated. These are all easily atttainable all while improving the end user experience - infact most of our customers are so impressed they are willing to start relying on there wifi more and more - less wiring - more mobility - more applications - more tablets - Ruckus Wireless can handle it. One of our most exciting and important aspects of a good wifi is reliable voice over wifi - all sorts of new things become possible - shop floor gets an app for a smart phone and you are no longer tied to the desk phone yet still have all the features to transfer - intercom - page - hold - pickup and more: all on a low cost device (especially when compared to a proprietary wireless phone). This is great in any large facility: hotels, care homes, warehouses, or any larger campus type environment.


If it's time to stop making your wifi work and start having your wifi work for you - we can help. Connect with us. sit back and relax knowing we got it covered. 

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